8.2.6 Release Notes

Hello Garmin Pilot Users!

Garmin Pilot 8.2.6 includes feature enhancements for our previous release in addition to MARQ Aviator Gen2 support.

Welcome to Garmin Pilot 8.2.6! This release includes Field Condition (FICON) NOTAMs along with the ability to view engine information from within the logbook entry.

Thank you for being a Garmin Pilot customer. Your feedback is always valued and welcome.

Field Condition (FICON) NOTAMs

Garmin Pilot now displays a badge at the end of the runway with the numeric value of the surface condition and braking action for each third of the runway; touchdown, midpoint and rollout. The FICON score is based upon the FAA’s Runway Condition Assessment Matrix.

To view FICON NOTAMs from the Map page:

  • Select NOTAMs Overlay from the map layer icon
  • Tap the map to display the radial menu and choose the NOTAM segment to view the raw text
  • Choose the Info icon to show the decoded description of the FICON code, along with the deceleration or directional control observation

FICON NOTAMs are also available on the NOTAM widget in split screen mode.

Flight Data Log Visualization (EIS)

Garmin Pilot now includes the ability to view engine information from the flight data log within the logbook entry. When Garmin Pilot is paired with EIS-capable avionics, the flight data log is wirelessly uploaded to flyGarmin upon landing. Detailed user-configurable graphs may be viewed in the logbook, or flyGarmin, to help pilots understand engine performance and identify potential maintenance-related issues.

For post-flight analysis of engine data in Garmin Pilot:

  • Select Logbook from the Home Screen Main Menu
  • Choose Entries
  • Select Show Engine Data from the logbook entry

For post-flight analysis of engine data on the flyGarmin website:

  • Log into fly.garmin.com using your Garmin Pilot credentials
  • Select Logbook followed by Entries
  • Choose Details for a specific logbook entry